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Varicobooster - healthy legs without varicosity

Varicose condition is the enlargement of peripheral veins which results from impaired blood circulation. Varicose veins condition is manifested by swollen veins, oedema, blue skin, pain and discomfort. Varicose veins are most often occur in the lower limbs but may also appear on other parts of the body.

There is a wide choice of pharmaceuticals for treatment of varicose veins but choosing effective and safe one is difficult at times. One of the most effective solutions for the symptoms and pathology control as well as venous health improvement in the UK is Varicobooster. It is a herbal-based cream which, if properly applied, helps to get rid of the condition symptoms in just over 2 weeks.

The health of the legs is in your hands.

Varicosity is an insidious condition that in the absence of timely treatment can lead to serious consequences. Patients with different stages of varicose veins condition have an increased risk of blood clots in the vessels and blood flow interruption leading to internal organs suffering from the lack of oxygen and the development of acute hypoxia (oxygen deprivation). The condition involves men and women but the latter diagnosed with signs of varicose veins several times more often.

To prevent severe complications, it's necessary to start applying Varicobooster varicose veins cream at first signs of the condition. Among these are:

Important! Prompt treatment as much as 2 times increases the chance of complete recovery but using the cream proved to be effective in cases of extensive stage of varicose vein condition as well.

What is the composition?

The composition of Varicobooster is selected in such a way that all the components complement and reinforce each other's action. This is an all natural remedy consisting of powerful medical composition of essential oils, troxerutin and plants' extracts.




Withdraws excess fluid from subcutaneous fat, relieves inflammation, relieves pain and heaviness, strengthens capillary walls.

Essential oils (soybean, lemon, coconut oil)

Control bacteria and microbes that cause unpleasent smell. Moisturize and nourish the skin, help to deal with skin dryness, cracks and cutaneous corns.

Horse chestnut and birch leaves

Improve the elasticity of blood vessels, disinfect feet soles, eliminate oedema, restore the ease of movement.

Wild chamomile, menthol oil, artemisia, nettle leaves

Help to improve skin regeneration, heals bruises, cracks and other mechanical wounds. Has pain alleviating effect.

Ginkgo biloba, natural honey and caffeine

Potentiate blood flow, improve blood supply to the limbs, facilitate metabolic processes and nourish feet and legs skin.

The use during pregnancy

The cream's components do not enter the bloodstream and therefore it can be used for the preventive care of varicose veins condition when carrying a child. Physician testimonials about Varicobooster in the UK suggest that a prophylactic use of the gel during pregnancy helps to prevent varicose veins condition of what, statistically, about 30% of pregnant women suffer from.

How does the medicine work?

Medicine high efficacy is due to its constituent components. In order to achieve an evident therapeutic result it is necessary to use the medicine for 14 days consecutively, but it comes into effect right after the first use. From the first days of the treatment patients notice a significant improvement in the health condition of the legs and the subsidence of pathological characteristics. After applying the medicine the pain and heaviness subsidise in 5-7 minutes and evident symptoms of limbs varicose veins condition disappear by the end of the treatment.

The medical product not only deals with oedema, pain and discomfort but also helps to improve the appearance and condition of the legs, get rid of unpleasant smell and cracks, skin abrasions and cutaneous corns.

Before applying the cream it is important to read the instruction in order to know how to proper apply Varicobooster.

How to use?

Varicobooster manual advises using the medicine 1 to 3 times per day (depending on the severity of clinical symptoms). The cream is applied on cleaned skin of the legs with massage movements in the affected area until completely absorbed. To eliminate heaviness and pain in the legs, the medicine is applied 1 time a day onto feet soles before bedtime.

The duration of the treatment varies from 10 to 15 days. If the symptoms are clearly pronounced, the treatment can be extended to up to 1 month. Physicians recommend to use the medicine 1 times a day on a regular basis for prophylactic purposes.

Where to buy?

In the UK Varicobooster can only be bought from official suppliers. Buying the medicine on dubious websites you risk losing money and health. Buying the genuine medical product in the UK is only possible on the official website the link to which is below


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